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♠ Round one master list.

Round One Info/Signup.

username link series/gens
[personal profile] axolotl here gameverse (gens 1, 2, 4, 5 with lots of crossovers)
[personal profile] fugthimble here games - gen I-V, pokémon special, pokémon colosseum
[personal profile] megageek here games - Gen I, III, IV & V
[personal profile] kuruk here games - generations i - v
[personal profile] keltena here Games - I-V, Pokemon Special
[personal profile] outstretched here Gameverse - gen I-V and crossovers, Pokemon Special, Anime
[personal profile] neutralize here Gens I-V + Pokemon Special
[personal profile] uxie here Gameverse [gen I-V], Pokémon Special, Anime
[personal profile] moon_blitz here Gen I-V, Specialverse
[personal profile] koyuki here games I-V, pokespe, anime

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