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♠ Round one.

Pokémon Five Acts
Round One

✯ Create a list in your writing/art/personal journal or comm (DW, LJ, IJ, dA, tumblr, etc.) which lists five acts/kinks/tropes/cliches you'd like to receive. Need help?
✯ List series/gens and characters/pairings you want your acts applied to.

✯ Read through the other lists and fill their prompts. (All rounds are always open to fills.)
✯ Anyone can fill prompts. You don't need to have a list to play. Multiple fills are loved.
✯ Fills can be art or fic (or both), filled anonymously or not, as commentfic or hosted elsewhere & linked.
✯ Participation does not guarantee that your list will be filled.

Leave your list link as a comment and it will be added to the master list.

(And check out the DW Pokémon Kink Meme too)
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